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Tenant Insurance

A Renter’s Guide to Tenant Insurance

A infographic (Zipsure Insurance Brokers Limited) is a new way of working with your insurance.

You can now think about your insurance the same way that you think about your phone bill or your internet bill. With, you pay for your insurance monthly. There is no expiry date. You buy your policy online, and it continues until either you choose to cancel it or until we cancel it for non-payment.

In addition, you work with your policy completely online. You register, create your quote, buy your policy, update your coverage, and track your payments all completely online. is as user-friendly as possible. Their philosophy is that if you need to phone us then we have overlooked something on the web site. has been built to accommodate those who live on the internet.

A ZipTenant insurance policy is the easiest and most cost effective way to protect your own belongings, your personal liability and to make sure you will have access to temporary accommodations in the event of a disaster. ZipTenant policies start at under $10 per month and are paid via pre-authorized monthly bank withdrawals. You simply need to pay your first and last month when signing up and you’re covered.